About Us

For the past 24 years, our lessons have only been at schools where the principals have allowed us. Even if some parents have requested us to be at their child's schools, the schools are often so busy with other activities. That is why we have designed this Creativity Kit that gets sent out to you on a monthly basis. We give you enough clay for four creations per month so you'll get far more value than the weekly lessons at the schools get. You also have loads of online resources that show you exactly how to make the creations and what creativity skills are developed.

We, at Beaux-Arts, hone childrens' creative skills by using pottery and craft lessons as a medium. We predominantly use tried-and-tested methodologies endorsed by Dr. Kobus Neethling and supported by the Kobus Neethling Group.

Linda Lloyd, franchisor and NBI Whole Brain Practitioner, holds to: "Creativity requires whole-brain thinking coupled with right-brain imagination, artistry and intuition, and left-brain logic and planning. With our lessons we give our students a two-pronged approach: using the right-brain they can use their imagination and use guided freedom to experiment on a creation and using the left-brain to plan their creation and follow the necessary steps.

As we use predominantly methodologies supported by the Kobus Neethling Group, our Franchisees also receive Whole Brain training in workshops by the South African Creativity Foundation: to this end we are a child-related extra-mural activity that is endorsed by Dr. Kobus Neethling, President of the South African Creativity Foundation (Incorporated with the Kobus Neethling Group).

We have developed a motor-skills development programme in consultation with Betsie Vlok, occupational therapist and lecturer in occupational therapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Stellenbosch.